Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Oral & Periodontal Surgery

Although it sounds scary, it does not have to be!
We are committed to make every surgical procedure as relaxing and comfortable as possible. If needed, minor procedures can be done with oral sedation and more invasive procedures with intravenous sedation.
Procedures include:
• Simple and complex tooth extractions
• Surgical removal of wisdom teeth
• Placement and exposure of dental implants
Frenectomy and elimination of tongue ties
Periodontal Plastic surgery





Beautiful teeth are but one element of a beautiful smile. The gums frame the teeth and together with the lips, determine the attractiveness of the smile inside the patient’s face. A beautiful smile exists when the teeth, gums, lips and face are in balance and harmony. As part of a comprehensive cosmetic treatment, it is often necessary to reposition or reshape the gums to allow ideal tooth proportions

Connective tissue grafts
When your gums have receded, it often leads to exposed roots which carry the risk of sensitivity and accelerated decay. There are several ways to address this issue, but the preferred method is to replace the area of gum that is missing with a small soft tissue transplant. This is a minor surgical procedure with a minimal amount of risk and a high predictability as far as root coverage is concerned.

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